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Louisiana Literature 2019

Michel Houellebecq, word-renowned French author, will take part in the 10th edition of the Louisiana Literature festival, to be held on 22-25 August this year. More of this year’s authors at the Louisiana Literature festival will be announced in May. Follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further information. 

Please note that admission to the Louisiana Museum gives free access to the festival, though it is not possible to reserve seats to any of the festival events.


Michel Houellebecq, considered one of the most important European writers right now, will take part in this year's festival in connection with his latest novel Serotonin, which appeared in French at the beginning of January. The novel follows the 46-year-old Florent-Claude Labrouste, who leaves his young girlfriend and sets off into the countryside, which he experiences as ruined by globalization and the EU’s agricultural policies.

The novel Serotonin(published in a Danish version by Rosinante in April) is about love and about happiness and takes its title from the substance in the brain that triggers the feeling of happiness, which the main character ingests through the antidepressant Captorix. As in most of Houellebecq’s controversial novels, the personal is combined with the political in a merciless analysis and sombre portrait of western society.

Michel Houellebecq was born in 1956 and had his international breakthrough with the novel Atomised from 1998. He is also well known for the novel Platform from 2001. The novel The Map and the Territory (2010) and was awarded the most prestigious literary prize in France, the Prix Goncourt. In 2015 the author published Submission, which aroused great debate as the book critically depicts an Islamic supremacy in France. A caricature of the author was on the cover of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo the same week as it was struck by a terrorist attack.


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A four-day tightly packed programme makes it almost impossible to include everything, but luckily the festival has a long 'afterlife' on Louisiana Channel  where many of the authors, who have been guests at Louisiana Literature, are featured - for instance Zadie Smith, Paul Auster, Margaret Atwood, Patti Smith, Richard Ford, Karl Ove Knausgård, Svetlana Alexievich, Herta Müller - and many more...

Louisiana and literature

Literature has always had a place at Louisiana. Through the years the museum has welcomed authors and hosted literary events, just as it has made room for music and architecture. Previously, Nordic poetry days were held and in the 1980s Louisiana gave Eastern European dissident authors a place to speak freely. It was also at Louisiana that Salman Rushdie appeared in public in 1992 - for the first time since the fatwa calling for his assassination was issued.

Louisiana’s literature festival saw the light of day in August 2010 and was a resounding success. Since then, it has become an annual event bringing together over 40 authors from Denmark and abroad and thousands of festival goers during the four-day festival.

Thus Louisiana Literature upholds a strong tradition. The event keeps the museum engaged in the world of literature, and at the same time the festival emphasizes great literature and its necessity.

C. L. DAVIDS FOUNDATION AND COLLECTION supports Louisiana Literature