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 Fantastiske Kvinder. Foto: Poul Buchard / Brøndum & Co.

Guided tours

A guided tour puts an exhibition or selected works from the Louisiana Collection into words and perspective. A guided to is an introduction in which you can learn something new and also gain a better understanding of the works in the exhibition. Louisiana's arts facilitators have an in-depth knowledge of the artists, their works and concept behind the exhibitions, and they all have extensive experience in making art interesting and relevant.


Choose between the following topics:

  • Current exhibitions
  • The Louisiana Collection
  • The history, architecture and art collection of the museum

Duration: 45 minutes
Number: Maximum 30 people
When: Tuesday-Thursday 11.15-21.00, Friday: 11.15-19.00 - and Saturday: 11.15-14.00

Booking: +45 4919 0719, Monday-Thursday 9.00-15.00.
Please book well in advance and at latest Thursday at 13.00 the week before. Note: A booked tour has to be cancelled at least a week in advance.  
Price: DKK 950 excl. entrance fee to the museum.