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The Louisiana Collection

International in its perspective as well as its scale, The Louisiana Collection The Louisiana Collection comprises a good 4,000 works. It covers the period from 1945 to the present and includes almost every genre – with an emphasis on painting and sculpture. The Louisiana Collection is continually expanded and far too large to be shown in its...


Asger Jorn was a giant of Danish and European post-war art. His output was extensive, but in the context of Louisiana, Jorn is primarily a painter. The museum has owned a number of important works for many years, but a large donation from Jytte and Dennis Dresing made the collection so distinguished that it justified the establishment of The Asger...
15.11.2013 - 23.2.2014
Jorn and Pollock are two important artists who never met, but each in his own way revolutionized painting during and immediately after World War II. They were the same age, one a northern European born in Vejrum, Jutland, the other an American from Cody, Wyoming, in the USA. The war severed the...

Multiple Modernisms

A Symposium on Globalism in Postwar Art is organized by Louisiana Research as part of the programme Multiple Modernities. The symposium Multiple Modernisms will take place at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on 2-3 November 2017. See below for programme and registration.

2nd-12th year and A-levels

Here you will find descriptions of instructional programmes for 1-hour and 2-hour sessions for the second to tenth classes, secondary schools and teachers’ colleges . Louisiana Learning is for all young guests at Louisiana visiting the museum with their school. A wide range of Louisiana-led sessions are offered. Each session is based on a theme...