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The Old Villa and North Wing

In the Old Villa and the North Wing – and in the glass corridor with its view of the greens and colours in the Sculpture Park, a selection of works from the Louisiana Collection is exhibited.

Starting off in the Old Villa, the first meeting along your way is with a selection of early and new works by Per Kirkeby. The presentation of his works consists of colourful paintings and a bronze sculpture from 2002. Continuing through the North Wing and glass corridor, you pass works by two German artists Thomas Demand and Gerhard Richter. Furthermore you pass the French artist Francis Picabia and his work Sitelle from 1931, as well as a selection of sculptures by Alberto Giacometti.

Between the Giacometti Gallery and the Asger Jorn Gallery, a number of works by six sculptors from the museum's collection is displayed; Astrid Noack, Louise Nevelson, Barbara Hepworth, Louise Bourgeois, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba and Kirsten Ortwed. This display of works ranges from classic sculptures to more contemporary pieces – and the works occupy both walls and floor in the gallery with a view of the garden on each side of the room.