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Louisiana Learning collaborates with several schools, high schools and organisations on long-term programs. It offers the opportunity to work in depth and develop content together. Currently Louisiana Learning is collaborating with the partners mentioned below. If you have proposals for interesting new common projects we would very much like to hear from you. 


The curiosity to work with artistic experiments and a great interest in art has brought together a group of youngsters between 13 and 18 years old, who have met at Louisiana ten times throughout the school year 2017/18. In collaboration with art educators and visiting artist, the young people have explored different artistic techniques and materials. The course also included a study trip to The Royal Academy of Art and galleries in Copenhagen and a finishing project and exhibition at the Culture Station in Humlebæk.

Youth Academy is a collaboration between Louisiana and Young Fredensborg.

Foto: Henriette Kuhlman, Grydemoseskolen

Collaboration with Grydemoseskolen

Louisiana Learning collaborates with Team V at Grydemoseskolen in Espergærde - a section of the school for children with physical and mental learning disabilities.

They are around 70 children and...

Foto: Henriette Kuhlman, Grydemoseskolen Foto: Henriette Kuhlman, Grydemoseskolen Foto: Henriette Kuhlman, Grydemoseskolen Foto: Henriette Kuhlman, Grydemoseskolen

... young people in the age of 6-16 years.

To experience first Yayoi Kusamas seductive worlds of dots and colours in 2015 and ”I cannot do it alone – want to join in?” of Poul Gernes in 2016 have been the aim for all the school children, teachers and pedagogs. Some groups visited the museum several times with shifting focus every time. Others have also taken part in workshops in Louisiana's Children Wing and produced Kusama inspired mini installations and Gernes flags.

Preparation for the project is key on both sides. Before their visit to Louisiana all the teachers and pedagogs prepared the project through a meeting with the museum and an evening workshop. In return, this evening gave the art educators at Louisiana greater insight into the individual needs and interests of these school children when sharing experiences with the staff at Team V.

After an intense week together at Louisiana the children and their teachers and pedagogs  have continued the work back at their school and e.g. wrapped trees in Kusama dots, made pumpkin heads in paper maché, Gernes-inspired Dream Ships, circles, systems and ”lottery stripes”. Gernes oeuvre is a lifelong effort to make life better and more beautiful with art. We try to join in.
"For our children it is important with concret experience and art. They have had a embodied experience”.

Martina, Pedagog, Grydemoseskolen.
”It has been fantastic to see our kids at Louisiana. They have been very curious and shown great enthusiasm. The experieces at Louisiana clearly inspire the children and contribute to their creative development. We have seen new aspects of the children, we normally do not see”.

Vibeke, Head of Team V, Grydemoseskolen.

Entering New Worlds of Learning
Intense art journey into the universe of Poul Gernes
Fall 2016

In October, Team V, the section for students with learning disabilities from the elementary school, Grydemoseskolen, visited Louisiana in connection with their art theme week. The week at Louisiana was focused on the current exhibition with the Danish artist Poul Gernes. It was all about shapes, flags, strong colours and much more. In this photo we see class 1A in front of Poul Gernes’ Pyramid.

During the week the kids not only experienced Poul Gernes’ art, they also tried to create their own Gernes’ inspired works. In this photo a student is colouring a copy of Gernes’ piece Magnaprintflowers.

‘Sensory materials’ were created, so the kids could experience and feel the art with their own body.

In this photo a student is giving us a tour in flags of the world. So much fun is had when testing your knowledge of geography while studying Poul Gernes’ flag-painting.

All on board! Here we see the students at Poul Gernes’ dream ship. With their tinfoil binoculars the students were on a hunt for bright colours and shapes. Some of the students were fast at spotting one particular Gernes flag which had a large ice cream on it. This flag was made as a suggestion for the new European Union flag. 

Class 1F on a trip through Gernes’ flag parade.

2A is talking about Poul Gernes’ huge beard. Many of the students thought of Poul Gernes as a very funny artist – especially when they were introduced to his self-portrait which was a plaster cast of the artist’s “ass”.

In this picture class 6A hoist their creative flags after a successful Poul Gernes flag workshop. Those classes who had arranged for a 2-hour workshop visited the exhibition and then had a workshop where they created Gernes-inspired flags with fabric and glue.

Stripe paintings inspired by Gernes’ lottery stripes. In random the students draw coloured stripes. However, one stripe was not random and that stripe had a picture of the student’s eyes.

Back at the school class 6A are busy producing paintings inspired by their visit to Louisiana and the Poul Gernes exhibition.

Back at the school Team V’s own Poul Gernes-inspired paintings have been exhibited. 


Experience, immersion and visualization. Since 2006, Louisiana has invited refugee children from the Red Cross to free instructional programs at the museum. The educational and research program is called Travelling with Art, and thanks to the support of the Ole Kirk and Knud Højgaard Foundation, it can now be expanded so that additional refugee children and young people have an opportunity to experience art.

The purpose of the customized instructional program is to strengthen the children's self-confidence and give them good experiences in a safe environment with an opportunity to immerse themselves. The program is organized in collaboration with the teachers at the Red Cross schools.

Each group visits Louisiana eight or nine times. They experience and talk about art and also work creatively themselves. The concentrated museum visits are supported by concrete tasks at school, where the themes of the program are elaborated. The tasks are inspired by the themes and techniques that the children become acquainted with in the museum. Along the way, the students collect impressions and ideas in a logbook and work on a shared exhibition in their class.

The children are often seven to 12 years old, but Louisiana has also worked with so-called unaccompanied refugee youths aged 15 to 18. The experience of art supports the development of the young people’s linguistic skills and ability to concentrate.


If you want to know more and possibly take part in this collaboration, please write to Line Ali Chayder at


The refugee project has been documented by Marc-Christoph Wagner from Louisiana Channel. The film follows an educational process in the museum with students from Center Anneberg. They explore art and its methods with the project supervisor Line Ali Chayder, and shows how various drawing and collage exercises offer them opportunities for selfexpression and absorption in art. 



The international web publication TRAVELLING WITH ART – A LEARNING PROJECT FOR REFUGEE CHILDREN presents the experiences gained from Louisianas research based refugee children project. The publication futures articles by head of the Refugee Project, Line Ali Chayder, anthropologist, post-doc at Copenhagen University, Zachary Whyte, ...

... Professor Emerita, Shirley Brice Heath, from Stanford University, art educator at Louisiana, Mia Tine Bowden Christiansen, and statements from Red Cross teachers and young participants. The publication is in English and is richly illustrated.

The publication TRAVELLING WITH ART describes the intentions behind Louisiana’s educational workshops for young refugee children. The project is about looking into how the meeting with works of art can strengthen this particular group of visitors and create a free space for them.

To learn more about the project or if you have ideas for a collaboration, send an e-mail to Line Ali Chayder:

Pencil In A Pocket, Louisiana MoMA, 2016.


PENCIL IN POCKET is about drawing. The toolkit has been developed as part of the project TRAVELLING WITH ART, a learning project for asylumseeking children and young people at the Louisiana Museum. 

Christine draws: Pencil In A Pocket, Louisiana MoMA, 2016.

The project is supported by the foundations Ole Kirk and Knud Højgaard. 

The basic idea of the project is to invite the young people to participate in a collective exploration of art in the museum and to work creatively, inspired by the methods and themes of art. 

PENCIL IN POCKET contains of a variety of drawing exercises taking away the focus from perfect drawing skills and instead to focus on drawing as a tool to explore new ways of seeing and constructing the world. The exercises can be used by everyone, young and old, all you need is pencil and paper. The toolkit comes with a teacher's guide. 

The toolkit and the teacher's guide are available in Danish and English. 


Young asylumseeking students from Jelling use art as a travelling companion a week at the Louisiana Museum

In december 2015, Louisiana had the pleasure of working creatively with a group of young asylumseeking students from the Red Cross School in Jelling. Through the learning project Travelling with Art the students experimented with different creative activities: from drawing to collage and watercolour. The class from the Red Cross School in Jelling together with Line Ali Chayder in Louisiana's Sculpture Park.

It was a very enriching week with many reflections on how we can use art and the methods of art to connect with the inner as well as the external world. Here a kick-of exercise: drawing Yayoi Kusama's magic Pumpkins outside the museum.

The students draw their hands in one long line without looking at the paper. Afterwards they tell each other about their interests and try to find ways to express these in a common drawing.

The girls experiencing Kusama's installation Gleaming Lights of the Souls (2008).

The students are busy making the collage exercise My own Door. The exercise puts focus on doors in an abstact manner, for example as entranceways to ”other worlds”.

On our way down Georg Trakas` stairs, in the Louisiana Sculpture Park.

Morning exercise at Trakas work Self Passage (1986-89). The students draw what they see and sense.

Surround drawing in the park. A drawing exercise, where you draw the essential things in your surroundings in just one long line and without lifting the pencil from the paper.

The students draw their own selfportraits inspired by Asger Jorn's painting The Double Face (1960).

Drawing  inspired by Asger Jorn's The Double Face.

A student has colored his drawing from the exercise ”walk the line” and is now writing a poem to supplement it.


ART EXCHANGE was an international educational program in collaboration with TATE in 2013-2014.

INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR explored different forms of participation, and what could be considered an ideal participation. Read more.


If you have ideas for projects or questions, you are more than welcome to get in touch.


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