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Past exhibitions

23.1.2020 - 21.6.2020
Light effects, mists, colour trails & reflective optical illusions. The Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens' (f. 1956) mission is to push our perceptions of the known. Although her art is not easy to classify, its effect on us as viewers is not to be mistaken; it aims to locate us precisely at the spot where we open ourselves up again.
Louisiana On Paper
23.1.2020 - 21.6.2020
To express what she considered the basic nature of humanity, the American artist Nancy Spero (1926-2009) in her final years entirely stopped representing men in her work. Spero was a feminist pioneer and an activist, and in the 1960s she levelled her art against all existing power structures, notably political oppression, racism and male hegemony.
The Architect’s Studio
18.10.2019 - 5.4.2020
The Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao (b. 1972) explores and interprets her home country's historical culture and building traditions. The landscape plays a crucial role in her work and she works with it on various scales — from the Mexican countryside through urban landscapes to the 'internal landscape' of the individual building.
22.8.2019 - 8.3.2020
A visual shell shock: With 'Generation Wealth' Lauren Greenfield has created a unique document of the recent decades' crazed consumerism in a world, which is increasingly obsessed with the dream of looking both beautiful and rich.
19.9.2019 - 19.1.2020
Hailed as "America’s first great modern painter of the 20th century" and "one of the most intriguing art historical subjects of all time", this Louisiana presentation marks the first major retrospective exhibition of his work in Europe in over 60 years.
2.11.2019 - 29.12.2019
On show now in the Louisiana South Wing are 15 striking video works. Several have gained classic status with the museum’s visitors and in art history.
Louisiana On Paper
14.6.2019 - 22.9.2019
Louisiana presents the first exhibition in Scandinavia with Austrian avantgarde-artist Birgit Jürgenssen. Her acerbic and humorous work revolves around the role of women in society, identities and freedom of choice.
1.3.2019 - 22.9.2019
The first major presentation in Denmark of the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist (b. 1962). The exhibition revolves around themes such as the body, technology, space, gender and nature — and spans the whole output of the artist’s oeuvre, from early works in the TV format to large spatial video and audio installations.
27.6.2019 - 21.9.2019
Central to this exhibition is art's unique ability to portray our times, as it bears witness to historical events and focusses on urgent agendas. Homeless Souls depicts a world marked by conflict and general instability.
24.5.2019 - 18.8.2019
This summer presentation of works from Louisiana’s collection tells the story of how and what we see when looking at art. On show in the West Wing and comprising six themes, this presentation boasts a number of remarkable recent acquisitions by George Condo, Sam Gilliam, Wolfgang Tillmans and David Hockney. Comprising some 90 works the...
Louisiana On Paper
17.1.2019 - 28.7.2019
A new and focused view on Danish artist Dea Trier Mørch's graphic art. With her pictures of childbirths and pregnant women, Trier Mørch brought a whole new dimension to a visual culture where the story of this universal aspect of the human condition had hitherto remained surprisingly untold.
7.12.2018 - 28.7.2019
Louisiana presents a thematic display, which focuses on the artistic movements and the artists that shaped the beginning and the early history of the collection. In the East Wing you will find a selection from the historical part of the Louisiana Collection, centring on some of its core areas – European and American art from the post-war years,...
Nuka og hans brødre og søstre, 2017 Olie på lærred, i kunstnerens eje © Liu Xiaodong Foto: Anders Sune Berg, courtesy Faurschou Foundation
21.3.2019 - 10.6.2019
Liu Xiaodong (b. 1963) is one of China's pre-eminent contemporary artists. His masterly and often large-scale paintings depict scenes of modern life around the globe. Louisiana presented a new series by Liu from an expedition to Uummannaq, Greenland.
1.3.2019 - 2.6.2019
Works by German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann (born 1941) have become an increasingly popular part of Louisiana's collection over the past few years. It is obvious to see why, now that these works have been gathered in a presentation on show at the far end of the South Wing. The warmth and humor that underlies the art of Hans-Peter Feldmann were, for...
8.11.2018 - 10.3.2019
Life, colour, motion and erotic power pervade the works of Cecily Brown. The British painter (born 1969) is considered as one of the central figures in the resurgence of painting since the turn of the century.
The Architect’s Studio
11.10.2018 - 3.3.2019
In the series The Architect’s Studio Louisiana presents the Chilean studio ELEMENTAL headed by artistic director Alejandro Aravena. IIn 2016 Aravena was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize and was director of the Venice Architecture Biennale with the support of the entire ELEMENTAL group.
13.9.2018 - 20.1.2019
This large-scale Louisiana exhibition will explore the Moon as an artistic icon, symbol of longing and object of scientific inquiry. It leads up to the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing and encompasses art, film, literature, architecture, design, natural history and historical objects.
26.5.2018 - 25.11.2018
The Louisiana’s collection is rich in pictures of people, many of them men. The theme Men and Masculinity, on display in the East Wing, clearly shows that masculinity has many faces. While numerous artists after World War II turned to an abstract vocabulary, others stayed with figuration, creating radical counter-images to war-propaganda...
20.6.2018 - 21.10.2018
From the sensual to the cool, the fluid to the solid. Classics and brand new works come together in the West Wing, challenging our senses and showcasing the full range of the Louisiana Collection in this 60th anniversary season.
3.5.2018 - 19.8.2018
The exhibition took a present-day look at the long and multi-faceted artistic career of German painter Gabriele Münter (1877-1962) – an artist who deserved recognition for her striking contribution to the art of the twentieth century.
Louisiana On Paper
17.5.2018 - 19.8.2018
With his iconic interpretations of American society in the past five decades, Ed Ruscha (born 1937) stands out as one of the most prominent figures of 20th century American art. Ed Ruscha is closely associated with cool and elegant representations of stylized gas stations, Hollywood logos and archetypal landscapes. His work seems to distil the...
1.2.2018 - 27.5.2018
Louisiana proudly presents a less well known aspect of Picasso's work: the ceramics. This will in fact be the first chance in Scandinavia to see a major exhibition focusing on the original ceramic works by this universally revered artist.
7.4.2018 - 6.5.2018
Three of the great names of contemporary photography – Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman and Thomas Struth – form part of a fine selection of works from the Louisiana Collection, on view in the far end of the South Wing during april.
9.11.2017 - 2.4.2018
Louisiana’s Director Poul Erik Tøjner mixes works across the dimensions of genre, size, expression, space and time in this new presentation of the Louisiana Collection shown in the South Wing.
Louisiana On Paper
9.11.2017 - 2.4.2018
As part of the wild art scene in New York in the early 1980s, George Condo was close to painters such as Basquiat and Keith Haring and worked at Warhol's Factory applying diamond dust to silkscreen. At the same time, he found his way to his own artistic expression, which he describes as "artificial realism". Condo (born in 1957) mixes input from...
10.10.2017 - 25.2.2018
Featuring video works, sculptures and installations this exhibition presented a range of prominent, younger artists who are all intent on questioning and seeking answers to the human condition in an ever more digital and radically changing world.
21.9.2017 - 30.12.2017
A true master of modern portraiture, Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra’s large photographs and videos are brilliant studies of identity, vulnerability and dignity. She manages to capture people so that they are present to an astonishing degree, right there in that very moment. Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959) is one of the most prominent and internationally...
17.6.2017 - 22.10.2017
Few artists in the world today evoke such strong emotions and reactions as the pioneer of body and performance art Marina Abramović. Louisiana presented the first major retrospective presentation of Abramović's work in Europe.
20.5.2017 - 10.9.2017
Danish Tal R is one of the most striking artists of his generation with a strong and growing international reputation. Since the 1990s he has exhibited all around the world, particularly in Europe, and his art is represented in many major collections. During the past decade Louisiana has established a distinctive collection of works – especially...
8.7.2017 - 3.9.2017
This Summer presentation of selected works from the Louisiana Collection focused on three classic art-historical genres which have been cultivated over time with different intensities and varieties of expression. Works by artists as diverse as Léger, Picasso, Avedon, Warhol, Kirkeby, Tillmans, Demand, Doig and Dubuffet.
16.2.2017 - 18.6.2017
For the first time in Scandinavia Louisiana presented a major solo exhibition of the South African artist William Kentridge (b. 1955), who is known all over the world for his drawings, films, sculp­tures, performances and opera and theatre productions.
The Architect’s Studio
9.2.2017 - 30.4.2017
The Chinese architect Wang Shu was the starting point of Louisiana's new exhibition series The Architect’s Studio II. Along with his wife Lu Wenyu he stands at the head of the Amateur Architecture Studio based in Hangzhou in China.
Louisiana On Paper
6.1.2017 - 17.4.2017
The American artist Barnett Newman (1905-1970) was one of the preeminent figures the art scene in New York in the 1950s. Here he worked in radical and revolutionary ways with painting as well as other media. Louisiana on Paper’ showed a selection of 12 drawings and 26 of his prints.
13.10.2016 - 26.2.2017
Louise Bourgeois, one of the most striking and influential artists of the 20th century took centre stage of the major autumn and winter exhibition at Louisiana. On show were her large spatial units – the Cells - filled with carefully arranged objects.
Louisiana One Work
29.10.2016 - 15.1.2017
With the series An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar American artist Taryn Simon (b. 1975) portrays American society through photographs of places that are normally inaccessible to the general public.
8.9.2016 - 8.1.2017
Louisiana presented the first major exhibition in Scandinavia of Daniel Richter, one of the most important artists of his generation. The German artist is born 1962, and the show traced him from the earliest abstract improvisations to his figurative pictures, which he describes as a new from of history painting.
2.6.2016 - 16.10.2016
Cool, colorful, provocative, wildly experimental and visionary - Louisiana’s exhibition on Poul Gernes was a powerful humorous, beautiful and ambiguous story about one of the truly great Danish artists of the post-war generation. Poul Gernes (1925-1996) is widely known for his large public decorations such as the Palads Cinema in Copenhagen and...
Louisiana On Paper
29.6.2016 - 11.9.2016
Works by the very young Picasso clearly contain the seeds of the genius who left his mark on most of the history of art in the first half of the twentieth century.
1.3.2016 - 11.9.2016
A cornucopia of international contemporary and classic works of art that Louisiana has acquired over the past three years – almost one hundred works within painting, photography, sculpture and installation.
25.6.2016 - 21.8.2016
A selection of the collection’s great, classic works and names – including Lichtenstein, Warhol, Picasso and Yves Klein – held a ‘rendezvous’ in the West Wing of the museum in a gratifying summer reunion. Louisiana’s collection of modern and contemporary art is both a foundation for the activities of the museum and a sounding-board for the actual...
4.2.2016 - 5.6.2016
With around 100 works and more than 40 artists, this exhibition was the first major presentation of Op Art and Kinetic Art in Scandinavia for more than 50 years, opening the door to a visual experimental laboratory with the whole range of media and techniques.
26.1.2016 - 8.5.2016
A fascinating encounter with the best contemporary artists in the genre, including William Kentridge, Candice Breitz, Rineke Dijkstra and Ed Atkins. Louisiana has an ambitious acquisitions policy and every year, with the support of generous foundations and private donors, adds new works of art to the collection in the fields of both contemporary...
Louisiana One Work
12.11.2015 - 31.1.2016
David Altmejd has created one of the most attention-grabbing works of the last few years in the field of sculpture and installation. The Flux and the Puddle is a fascinating and frightening work about the body and its place in the world.
17.9.2015 - 24.1.2016
Within a few years, Yayoi Kusama (born 1929) has become a favourite of Louisiana’s guests because of her Gleaming Lights of the Souls installation at the museum – a mirror-lined room with hundreds of lamps in various colours that give the viewer a cosmic sensation of being in an infinite space.
14.11.2015 - 3.1.2016
Anselm Kiefer , Juan Munoz , Thomas Demand , Cindy Sherman , Per Kirkeby , Matthew Day Jackson , Rineke Dijkstra and more. This presentation of works from the Louisiana collection highlights a selection of classics and contemporary favorites featuring among other mediums: photography, painting and sculpture. Louisiana’s collection of modern and...
Louisiana On Paper
3.9.2015 - 29.11.2015
Presenting graphic works from a unique collection, Lucian Freud - A Closer Look offers a rare and intriguing chance to examine one of Britain's most influential and compelling artists. Louisiana presents a large selection of works on paper by the renowned British artist Lucian Freud (1922-2011). The works are almost all drawn from the UBS Art...
25.6.2015 - 25.10.2015
This major exhibition at Louisiana focuses on architecture , art and culture on the African continent. By pinpointing a number of judiciously selected examples from a cultural here and now , the exhibition sheds light on the diversity and complexity of the part of Africa south of the Sahara Desert . Through a number of projects spread over the...
Louisiana On Paper
25.6.2015 - 30.8.2015
Terry Winters’ beautiful graphic works use patterns that recall biological forms and mathematical formulae. This summer a wide selection of the American artist’s print works is on show as a part of the Louisiana On Paper exhibition series. Terry Winters (b. 1949 in Brooklyn, New York) is also a painter, but it is in prints that he displays his...
17.4.2015 - 23.8.2015
Louisiana has a deep-rooted relationship with painting as such. This is evident in the museum’s collection as well as in the exhibition program. With the exhibition of paintings by Peter Doig (born 1959 in Edinburgh), a long-cherished wish will be fulfilled.
10.7.2015 - 9.8.2015
This summer a large-scale presentation of works from the Louisiana Collection is on show. A variety of media such as painting , sculpture , photography , video and more conceptual categories such as ’ caviar painting ’ can be experienced in the museum’s South Wing . Though one can find aesthetic, thematic and historical similarities between the...
Louisiana On Paper
19.3.2015 - 21.6.2015
Once again it is time for Hockney at Louisiana, this time in the Louisiana on Paper series with the artist’s striking drawings of the landscape of Yorkshire, where he was born. They are completely classical in style, sometimes drawn in the open air, other times from the driver’s seat of a car parked by the corner of a fence.
12.3.2015 - 21.6.2015
Jeff Wall (born in 1946) is the master of modern photography. Many contemporary painters and photographers are indebted to this artist from Vancouver who prepares every single image with the same care as if it were a theater piece developing in several acts.
17.3.2015 - 31.5.2015
By means of simple and subtle modifications of older paintings , the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann sets the images free – in the sense of free of history, of their sublimity, and free of their originating social context, and thereby invite us to meet and think the artworks anew . Feldmann’s art can in fact be described as political, but at the...
5.2.2015 - 25.5.2015
Irish artist Richard Mosse utilizes an outdated military surveillance film to envision the civil war in eastern DR Congo anew. In this intersection between art and documentary he creates an appalling testimony of a forgotten and complex conflict.
13.1.2015 - 19.4.2015
Louisiana has received eight unique works by Picasso, Miró, Kandinsky, Pollock, Dubuffet, Kiefer and Kelly from Celia Ascher, former director of The Riklis-McCrory Collection in New York, and one of Louisiana's faithful friends and generous supporters since 1977.
5.12.2014 - 6.4.2015
Louisiana is organizing the first major exhibition in Scandinavia of the German painter Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876-1907). The exhibition comprises about 100 paintings and drawings. The exhibition presents the highly distinctive production of Modersohn-Becker, an artist with the status of one of the radical innovators of German modernism.
22.1.2015 - 8.3.2015
A renewed opportunity to see Israeli artist Yael Bartana's three fascinating, provocative and visually stunning films. The Louisiana Museum was a co-producer on the film, subsequently acquiring the complete trilogy for the Collection. With these three films, originally shown in Louisiana in the Spring of 2012 and now part of the Collection, Yael...
4.11.2014 - 18.1.2015
This season nobel presentation of works from the Louisiana Collection shows important artistic positions whether painting, sculpture, photography and drawing from a period of almost a century.
20.8.2014 - 11.1.2015
Olafur Eliasson's take on Louisiana is radical, fascinating and unique. The central work in the first solo exhibition at the museum by the Danish-Icelandic artist is a huge, sitespecific project that reverses the relation between nature and art.
17.9.2014 - 16.11.2014
This year’s presentation of the collection turned the focus on photography as an artistic medium. The works shown challenged and investigated the special relationship of photography with reality, and showed us a number of points of contact where classic genres such as landscape, portrait and architecture are reinterpreted.
4.7.2014 - 19.10.2014
The major exhibition of summer 2014 at Louisiana was Emil Nolde. Nolde (1867-1956) is a classic – whether for his almost spontaneously combustible watercolors of poppies and other colorful natural phenomena or his distinctive expressionist love of the primitive, the simple.
4.6.2014 - 7.9.2014
The American painter Philip Guston is a unique figure in twentieth century art history. He will be familiar to Louisiana’s guests since the exhibition of his drawings in 2007, and the Louisiana Collection has two of his paintings, which are often shown.
4.6.2014 - 23.7.2014
Since the 1960s attempts have been made to topple painting from its perch, resuscitate it and - not least - analyse it thoroughly, with a view to reinstating it in new, meaningful modes of expression. This presentation offered a number of case stories and points of view meant to elucidate painting all the way up to works created this very year...
7.3.2014 - 6.7.2014
The history of the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) is fascinating and unknown to most. It is a story of a female artist on the edge of the establishment – like the subjects of the earlier exhibits Women of the Avant-garde in 2012 and Yoko Ono in 2013 – and thus far she has not attracted much attention in art history.
Louisiana On Paper
7.3.2014 - 9.6.2014
The exhibition showed, in a rare cross-section spanning of Joseph Beuys' entire career from the 1940s to the 1980s, how his entire work is based on small formats. Beuys made sketches and experiments with materials, and his visual diaries mix observations and classifications in the best scientific sense.
31.1.2014 - 4.5.2014
ARAB CONTEMPORARY is a cross-over exhibition that mixes architecture, art, photography, documentary and film. The exhibition is the second chapter in the series “Architecture, Culture and Identity” – and is a successor to the exhibition NEW NORDIC, which Louisiana showed in 2012. The series is about how architecture is both a bearer of identity...
In a study room at the entrance to the South Wing you will find a selection of fine art works on paper, which was donated to Louisiana by Celia Ascher, one of the museum's most loyal supporters over the years. This is an exquisite collection of drawings and gouaches, especially from the early European and Russian Constructivism.
15.11.2013 - 23.2.2014
Jorn and Pollock are two important artists who never met, but each in his own way revolutionized painting during and immediately after World War II. They were the same age, one a northern European born in Vejrum, Jutland, the other an American from Cody, Wyoming, in the USA. The war severed the connections of both with the Parisian centre of the...
25.9.2013 - 2.2.2014
Snow and ice, darkness and northern lights, beauty, silence, strife and storm. Louisiana heads straight north to a region of magnetic lure. In themes ranging from the sublime to conquest and myth, this spectacular Arctic quest takes you through real-life dramas, harsh conditions and impossible dreams – a journey into the imagination, art, science...
7.6.2013 - 29.9.2013
Often referred to as “the world's most famous unknown artist”, this large-scale Yoko Ono retrospective is sure to surprise, challenge and expand our notion of a legendary and extremely vital artistic pioneer.
Louisiana Contemporary
8.2.2013 - 28.7.2013
Tara Donovan uses a variety of everyday materials such as drinking straws, nails and buttons as a basis for her works. She chooses pieces of one material that she assembles, glues and stacks one above the other, or otherwise repeats or accumulates into a form that offers entirely new and unexpected experiences.
22.2.2013 - 9.6.2013
Louisiana’s large-scale spring exhibition celebrates the phenomenal Pop Art movement. Featuring many iconic masterpieces - Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hamilton, Eames, Panton and Sottsass - Pop Art Design highlights the close and inspirational collaboration between artists and designers of the period.
8.1.2013 - 3.3.2013
Louisiana proudly presents this first ever museum show of this exceptional collection of fine drawings by a very young Andy Warhol from the 1950s. At full these early, often commercial works demonstrate what an outstanding draughtsman Warhol was.
Louisiana Contemporary
2.11.2012 - 3.2.2013
Anri Sala creates films in which music and sound are central narrative elements. By creating precise overlaps and pauses dialogue form between the different works of art and use of music and sound structures the viewers' experience. Sala's themes are the political sphere and personal relationships.
14.9.2012 - 13.1.2013
The self-portrait is a classic, well-tried but also intense and sometimes raw genre taking many different expressions all through art history. The exhibition shows major works from the twentieth century till the present and in all media. Comprising important works by a.o Picasso, Bonnard, Dalí, Kahlo, Mapplethorpe, Warhol and Basquiat.
29.6.2012 - 4.11.2012
NEW NORDIC - sets out to explore if certain specífic ‘Nordic’ features reflect in architecture and if so how these manifest. New Nordic is the story of how we currently build in the Nordic region and express and organise ourselves and our community.
6.6.2012 - 21.10.2012
Five Car Stud is rebellious, provocative and physically insistent. Its relevance potent it reaches back to America’s historical roots and reflects current violence committed to the individual by the mob, be it for political, ethnic, religious or sexual reasons.
24.5.2012 - 19.8.2012
Pink Caviar is a presentation of contemporary art en masse of all genres from all over the world with a look to the world and the narratives about it that the museum wants to follow, and at the thematic intercon­nections that have already been established over the years.
14.2.2012 - 28.5.2012
Works by eight of the most prominent women avant-garde artists of the inter-war years, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Claude Cahun, Sonia Delaunay, Germaine Dulac, Florence Henri, Hannah Höch, Katarzyna Kobro and Dora Maar reveal the story of a network of striking artists who were pioneers and driving forces in the avant-garde movement.
Louisiana Contemporary
28.2.2012 - 20.5.2012
With stark visual power the Israeli artist Yael Bartana works on the borderlines between documentary, fiction and propaganda. Her works revolve around identity, myth, religion and politics.
13.1.2012 - 13.5.2012
Gursky is a visual artist before he is a photographer. Photography and the incredible programs of the computer are the means of creating images that are about something, images that work.
Louisiana On Paper
26.1.2012 - 29.4.2012
He is one of the most significant artists of the post-war era. He followed on the heels of the Abstract Expressionists and turned the focus on the dynamic relationships of contour, form and colour, and thus on the perception of space.
Louisiana Contemporary
18.11.2011 - 12.2.2012
By using traditional Chinese materials and craftsmanship as well as modern industrial technology, Ai Weiwei’s works not only reflect and thematize the main currents of the twentieth century – its dreams and monuments; at the same time they attempt, like all living art, to leave a mark in the eternally flowing present.
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