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Current exhibitions

19.9.2019 - 19.1.2020
Hailed as "America’s first great modern painter of the 20th century" and "one of the most intriguing art historical subjects of all time", this Louisiana presentation marks the first major retrospective exhibition of his work in Europe in over 60 years.
22.8.2019 - 8.3.2020
A visual shell shock: With 'Generation Wealth' Lauren Greenfield has created a unique document of the recent decades' crazed consumerism in a world, which is increasingly obsessed with the dream of looking both beautiful and rich.
2.11.2019 - 29.12.2019
On show now in the Louisiana South Wing are 15 striking video works. Several have gained classic status with the museum’s visitors and in art history.
The Architect’s Studio
18.10.2019 - 5.4.2020
The Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao (b. 1972) explores and interprets her home country's historical culture and building traditions. The landscape plays a crucial role in her work and she works with it on various scales — from the Mexican countryside through urban landscapes to the 'internal landscape' of the individual building.