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Works from the Collection

14.11.2015 - 3.1.2016

Anselm Kiefer, Juan Munoz, Thomas Demand, Cindy Sherman, Per Kirkeby, Matthew Day Jackson, Rineke Dijkstra and more. This presentation of works from the Louisiana collection highlights a selection of classics and contemporary favorites featuring among other mediums: photography, painting and sculpture.

Louisiana’s collection of modern and contemporary art is a dynamic entity that not only continues to grow but in fact moves around in the house, where it forms part of selected presentations throughout the Louisiana year. Hereby the individual works are shown in new ways and in other constellations. The collection thus becomes more alive, while the museum’s many faithful visitors always have chances to discover and rediscover its new as well as its more familiar sides.


In the Old Villa and in the West Wing a selection of photography from the Louisiana Collection is on view. From Arnold Newman’s (1918-2006) auratic black and white portraits of 20th century’s art’s great visual thinkers like Picasso, Giacometti and Calder to contemporary deconstructive photography’s great model maker Thomas Demand (b. 1964) whose photograph does not depict the ’world outthere’, but instead reproduces models of real life scenes, build true-to-life in cardboard and paper.

English translation unavailable for Thomas Demand - Channel video - Louisianas Samling - Lichtung - 2015.
English translation unavailable for Louisianas Samling - henvisning til samlingsiste - 2015.
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