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25.6.2016 - 21.8.2016

A selection of the collection’s great, classic works and names – including Lichtenstein, Warhol, Picasso and Yves Klein – held a ‘rendezvous’ in the West Wing of the museum in a gratifying summer reunion.

Louisiana’s collection of modern and contemporary art is both a foundation for the activities of the museum and a sounding-board for the actual exhibition programme. The collection is a dynamic entity that not only continues to grow but in fact moves around in the house, where it forms part of selected presentations throughout the 'Louisiana year'. 

This is necessary to make room for the changing exhibitions, but at the same time provides opportunities to show the individual works in new ways and in other constellations. The collection thus becomes more alive, while the museum’s many faithful visitors always have chances to discover and rediscover its new as well as its more familiar sides.