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Foto: Peter Cox



23.1.2020 - 21.6.2020

Light effects, mists, colour trails & reflective optical illusions. The Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens' (f. 1956) mission is to push our perceptions of the known.

As an artist, Ann Veronica Janssens works almost scientifically to push the boundaries of the known. Although her art is not easy to classify, its effect on us as viewers is not to be mistaken. For her, it's not about confirming what we already know. In fact, it aims to locate us precisely at the spot where we open ourselves up again.

This is the first time that Ann Veronica Janssens can be experienced in Denmark. The exhibition is supported by Lektor Peer Rander Amundsens Legat and The Danish Research Foundation. With additional support from Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI).


The works shown in the exhibition are extremely fragile and must not be touched – except for the works Red, Blue and Yellow, 2001, where you enter a room filled with fog, and 5 x Bike, 2001, where you can ride a bike around the gallery.


While the artist openly acknowledges her inspiration from the Californian Light and Space artists of the 1960s as well as from the European tradition from Constructivism to Op Art, for her it has always been about conveying an experience of art by simultaneously stimulating the eyes, body and consciousness, and not about observing art from a distance.

The exhibition includes works from the early 1990s until the present - and with a new work created specifically for the exhibition.

The visible and the invisible

"I think that sometimes you have to erase reality - erase what's visible - in order to see something else. To make the invisible visible in fact."

Ann Veronica Janssens' works are both a sensory and bodily experience. With simple components and materials - such as glass, colour, liquid and light - she investigates what happens when sculpture and space meet. Eventhough Janssens seeks no 'control' of either works or viewers, all of her works can be described as sculptures that use the space as a stage for sensory activity.

Passion for light

Step into the laboratory of an artist whose main material is light and who invites the spectator to join her in discovering.

Whether solid, liquid or gaseous Ann Veronica Janssens uses light in all its forms “to show the manifestations of reality in a different way.”


Watch the artist in conversation with the two Danish physicists - Kristine Niss, professor mso, RUC and Troels Petersen, associate professor of experimental subatomic physics, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen – when they together look at basic concepts within physics. Watch the 6 films below. Pleasse note that the films are also shown in the Cinema in the exhibition.