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27.6.2019 - 22.9.2019

Central to this exhibition is art's unique ability to portray our times, as it bears witness to historical events and focusses on urgent agendas. Homeless Souls depicts a world marked by migration, conflict, upheaval and general instability.

Forced exile, floods of refugees, the marking of borders and citizenship are urgent agendas in our time – not only in the political world, but also in the world of art. The exhibition Homeless Souls examines our unstable times through a multiplicity of artistic positions and voices that bring new perspectives to bear on themes such as forced migration, personal and collective accounts of the drawing of frontiers and territories, citizenship, movements, clandestine journeys and identity.

The works in the exhibition range from the cartographic gaze to the personal narrative—and while some use reportage strategies, others take a metaphorical or poetic approach in their interpretation of migrant experience as conditions of existence and identity. Thus the exhibtion also offers a view of how the special language of art can give us insight into political and social changes, as seen through the lived experience of the individual human being.