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The power of surveillance
- with Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff

It is said that she has written the book of our time and that her work is comparable with Karl Marx's Capital. It is a bold identification of the new era of capitalism; an increasing collection of our data, which is used both to predict our behavior and to change and manipulate it.

Corporations like Google and Facebook, says Shoshana Zuboff, “know more about citizens than Stasi did. Their monitoring is more global and cross-border." 

Meet the Harvard professor and author of the book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism for her first performance in Denmark. Hear her critical analysis of our time, why our smartphone is anything but smart and why she considers herself an activist trying to get our attention.

HOST: Marc-Christoph Wagner.

Concert Hall.
Free for museum guests. Please reserve a seat.


Please note that the conversation is in English.